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Network and Data Centre

Safe, Secure and Reliable hosting for your Business needs


Network DataCentre 100% Uptime Guarantee

Our servers are housed in one of the UK PIPEX Data centres, having access to the powerful tier 1 network with over 100 points of presence (PoPs) across the UK. The data centre has multiple network interconnections and because all network equipment is also duplicated, we therefore have a 100% uptime service level agreement.

Our servers benefit from UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) and generator power backup, strict environmental control and high levels of security. Although we fully manage our servers ourselves, Pipex support engineers are on hand at 5 minutes notice 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. This enables us to deliver cost-effective business strength hosting for the most demanding applications.

Fully Managed Cisco Firewall

All traffic from the Internet is filtered by redundant Cisco hardware. This means unwanted and malicious traffic is blocked at the network level, reducing your data transfer usage and providing protection from hackers, viruses, worms and trojans.

  1. Multiple redundant Internet connections for speed and reliability
  2. At least two routers, running hot standby routing protocol service any server to guarantee availability
  3. Multiple firewalls protect servers from malicious traffic, viruses and trojans
  4. Redundant layer 3-7 switches provide load balancing and fail over functionality
  5. Primary server and file storage cluster. All data is held on mirrored storage arrays
  6. Non Internet connected gigabit network provides secure transit for data and ensures that the Internet facing network cannot become congested
  7. All data is backed up to tape library on a daily basis
  8. Database servers
  9. Secondary web and file server cluster

Quality, Raid Servers and Data Back-up for Reliability & Security

Our servers are predominantly Dell servers with Windows 2003 operating systems, all of which have dual Intel Pentium Xeon processors, dual 100Mbit Ethernet adapters and a minimum of 2 gigabytes of memory. Storage is spread across multiple Ultra 160 SCSI hard disk drives using Adaptec RAID controllers.

Every server we have runs a RAID based disk redundancy solution, should any of the primary disk drives fail, a secondary disk drive can take over the work load with no loss of availability. In addition, data on our servers is also backed up to Storagetek Timberwolf DLT tape libraries with tapes being stored off site. Tape back-ups are carried out on a daily basis and can be rolled back up to a week.