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Excite Internet Ltd

Stratford upon Avon

tel: 0777 5518617

About Excite Internet

It's our Passion!

We are passionate about the Internet and excited by its potential not only for business, but also for its promise to deliver a better quality of life for people the world over. Needless to say we therefore enjoy building websites which we've been doing since 1997, and as demonstrated by the picture opposite, developing and hosting websites does sometimes feel a little like the Wizard behind the curtain, flicking switches and pulling levers, but for us it’s fun!

Who are we?

Excite Internet is based in Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire, and is managed by Gerard Nath who discovered the exciting world of the Internet back in the mid 1990’s. Since then Excite Internet has built many websites for all types of applications from the simple to the more complex. For over three years Gerard developed and ran his own online shopping website and with only a small budget, grew it to retail thousands of products to well over a 1,000 visitors per day. It is from this hands-on personal experience, in terms of creating robust business websites, utilizing technology for business, focusing on customer relationships and internet marketing that our customers benefit.

What do we do?

Our world is becoming ever more connected, and to stay ahead and compete effectively businesses must embrace and use Internet technology to the full. This is where we see ourselves fitting in. Many smaller businesses cannot afford the luxury of their own web team, consisting of IT professionals, graphics designers, flash animators, database and web developers, etc., but these same companies still need competent Internet and web support, solutions and advice to succeed.

Our goal is to work together with small to medium sized companies by providing a range of quality Internet IT products and services which meets their needs whilst at the same time setting them free to concentrate on what they do best – manage and run their own business.

Our technology

We work ASP.NET technology, which we feel offers significant advantages over other development platforms, offering cost-effective and speedy software development. The .NET framework consists of many thousands of ready made software components enabling us to rapidly build all types of business solutions from secure data encryption to personalized content mangement. Also, some 95% or so of the worlds businesses and most peoples’ personal computers run Microsoft products or platforms, and integration with these is therefore made easier working with .NET.

Importantly Microsoft has a superb range of products for Internet business which include a high performance advanced database server (SQL Server), business communications servers (Exchange and BizTalk Servers), as well as others including commerce and web servers. Combined with the .NET framework, and tools such as Visual Studio we can tap into a highly scaleable, solid platform upon which we can deliver robust, high performance solutions for better business along with significant cost benefits for our customers.