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The complete Content Management solution for business websites

SiteMeister is built upon the powerful and robust .NET 2.0 platform. It has been designed by ourselves to offer a low-cost, flexible Content Management System for those wanting to control the content of their websites without having to get on the phone to their web designers.

The software is multi-template driven with each template totally customizable at design time to suit any look and layout desired, this way there is no compromise in terms of website style, functionality, ease of use or flexibility. Each template can be updated as required by the logged-in user. As well as using templates to display content, static (simple) HTML pages can also be used, so there is complete flexibility in design and content approach.

SiteMeister is easily managed using any web browser such as Internet Explorer, with changes or additions to website content made using a built in WYSIWYG editor very similar to Microsoft Word. Therefore even non-technical people can easily update their own websites with little or no training at all. Having said that, it would be good if the user has some HTML knowledge to ensure consistent style and formatting at the website.

Click here for a screen shot of SiteMeister.

If you want to sell online, at a minimum you will need to use software which will monitor visitors’ activities at your website, for example adding their chosen items to a shopping basket, and then enabling them to go through the checkout process.

In addition you will need to be able to take payments securely from your customers using a payment gateway which links in with your merchant bank account, or linking directly with other systems such as PayPal.

Can We Help?

Whether you wish to open an online store selling products or services to consumers, or develop a custom application to trade with your partners, why not call us to see if we can help. We specialise in custom e-commerce website applications, and using our powerful Store Meister product we can provide cost-effective solutions such as an online store very quickly and effectively.