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e-Commerce on the Web

Electronic commerce means doing business electronically, this can be either over the internet or directly between businesses who use private networks. Trade can be business to consumer (B2C) such as shopping sites like Amazon and EBay that we all know, or business to business (B2B) where trading partners use mostly custom applications to buy and sell or pass information to one another.

e-Commerce for Your Business

If you want to sell online, at a minimum you will need to use software which will monitor visitors’ activities at your website, for example adding their chosen items to a shopping basket, and then enabling them to go through the checkout process.

In addition you will need to be able to take payments securely from your customers using a payment gateway which links in with your merchant bank account, or linking directly with other systems such as PayPal.

Can We Help?

Whether you wish to open an online store selling products or services to consumers, or develop a custom application to trade with your partners, why not call us to see if we can help. We specialise in custom e-commerce website applications, and using our powerful Store Meister product we can provide cost-effective solutions such as an online store very quickly and effectively.